The Following exercises deal with various combinations of quarter note based figures. Each exercise should be repeated many times, starting with either hand.
(Use alternating single strokes.)

01-Quarter note & Two note
02-Two note & Three note
03-Two note & Four note
04-Three note & Four note

05-Two note & Five note
06-Three note & Five note
07-Four note & Five note

08-Two note & Six note
09-Three note & Six note
10-Four note & Six note
11-Five note & Six note

12-Two note & Seven note
13-Three note & Seven note
14-Four note & Seven note
15-Five note & Seven note
16-Six note & Seven note

17-Two note & Eight note
18-Three note & Eight note
19-Four note & Eight note
20-Five note & Eight note
21-Six note & Eight note
22-Seven note & Eight note

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